"Skating101 was one of the highlights of the year for us.  The students enjoyed it immensely and it had parents talking about how much they appreciated our introducing something new into our program.  We WILL repeat it next year!  In-line Skating 101 is so great to work with!''


Marilyn McKain

Moss Intermediate/Lindale ISD



"We have had the SKATING 101 program  at my school for the last 5 plus years and will continue it because the kids love it.

The programs video and lessons provide information that my students can use for a life time 

They love it and can’t wait to do it again!"


Tammy Rooney

Bullard Elementary School/Bullard ISD



"Skating 101 is the best program that we bring into our school.  This program exposes students to a life-long activity that they truly enjoy.  All of our students would skate the whole year if allowed.  We can’t wait until next year, and most of my students have already bought their own pair."

Kevin Birdwell

Denton ISD

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