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Today in-line skates are as common as bicycles. Unfortunately, few skaters have been introduced to safety gear and proper instruction. For schools dedicated to teaching their students safe lifetime activities, Skating 101 provides an ideal opportunity to fill the void for proper instruction in this fitness activity.   

In-line Skating 101 is unique because the program was developed by a teacher. You will find all materials are “teacher friendly” because we have designed them with you in mind. Each lesson plan c
overs everything from the basic fundamentals of skating to exciting challenges for the accomplished skaters.

In-line Skating 101 is designed to give each student an equal opportunity to learn how to skate safely at his or her appropriate skill level and individual pace. The video provides fun and educational lessons (yep, fun and educational all in the same lesson!) as well as activities for before, during, and after the program. And we’ve organized the equipment by color codes so it’s easy to get everyone up and skating from the first day.

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