In-Line Skating 101


In-line Skating 101 is an "in-school" field trip that allows teachers to enhance their curriculum during regularly scheduled P.E. classes.  The Skating 101 program costs $10.00 per student for 3rd thru 12th graders and the Imagi-skate program is $2 for Kinder thru 2nd grade.  This price includes all the equipment during the skating period. (If you're worried about the cost keep reading... you'll be surprised!) 

In-line Skating 101 is an “in-school field trip.” We bring the field trip to you. You’ll receive:


  • Permission forms that ask students to bring the program fee to participate in the program. If any student can not afford the fee, we just need their permission forms. (Yes, you did read that correctly.)

  • Lesson plans offering five days of instruction, which may mean using the skates 10 days in a rotation schedule.

  • In-line skates and safety gear, in self-contained securable storage units,  delivered to your gym.

  • Enough skates and safety gear for any size class.

  • Students can skate indoors and out without damaging any surface.

  • The $10 program is for 3rd grade up…so kids are mature enough to put on their equipment independently.


  • A $2 program is available for Kinder – 2nd grade and kids will experience wearing safety gear but will  have paper skates to “imagi-skate” . (This way there is no laces to tie, no buckles for buckling, and no left of right.) And they get to keep their imagi-skates!


  • In-line Skating 101 carries general liability coverage in the event that defective equipment causes an accident. 



The  fee is waived for any student unable to pay as long as parental permission is obtained. We at In-line Skating 101 do not want any child to not participate because they do not have the fee. Permission is good enough. See more details in the FAQ.