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In a nutshell, In-line Skating 101 is an in-school field trip that educates students on a healthy activity. Our goal is that students will use in-line skating as a way to stay fit and active outside of their school PE classes and into their adult life. It’s difficult to teach a true lifetime fitness activity to elementary students because of their skill and comprehension levels at this age. But we all remember how to ride a bike. Even if we don’t ride for several years we never think, I better put on training wheels and re-learn how to ride. If you teach children when they are young how to in-line skate, they will have the confidence and knowledge that this is a healthy fitness activity they can do throughout their life. Our goal is to equip students with as many options to stay fit and healthy and in-line skating is one of those equipping options.


On the website are two short but informative videos about the program in the following link for you to share with your schools administrators. It would only take about 3 minutes each to see them. To view the videos click HERE.The “Program Overview” explains how the program works and the "Get Healthy Texas" segment From CBS News is a very good synopses to the program at a school.


We skate with 3rd grade up. The cost is $12 per student to participate in the program. We also have a $2 Imagiskate program for Kinder-2nd that doesn't require left and rights, lacing, buckling, etc. I want to assure you that every child wanting to skate will regardless of if they can afford the fee. I offer scholarships - full or partial - to anyone who needs it. With this said, many of these students needing the scholarships will most likely never get the chance to experience in-line skating unless you expose them to this activity


When you do the program, you will receive a teaching packet 2-3 weeks before your start date. In it you'll find the teaching notebook, permission forms, sizing chart, lesson plans, teaching video, posters, etc. Basically everything you need to get started.

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