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Frequently Asked Questions

A. In-line Skating 101 is set up to teach safety and skills, and is not styled as a traditional roller rink setting. Classes of any size are able to participate in the program with special arrangements made for larger classes.

Q. What types of skates are used? Will they damage the floor?

A. In-line Skating 101 uses mid-level in-line skates with non-marking brakes (these will not damage any floor surface). Still skeptical? We'll send you a pair to demo!

 A.  School Benefits:

  • instructors are able to teach students an individual recreational activity

  • schools can offer a activity that students are excited about because it's a "cool" sport

  • lifetime activity exposure

  • fitness benefits as P.E. requirement

Student Benefits:

  • confidence in a popular recreational activity

  • knowledge of safety gear and safe skating

  • possibility of future team sport of in-line hockey

  • individual fitness activity

Parental Benefits:

  • peace of mind that children know how to use in-line skating equipment and can "Skate Cool" by "Skating Safe"

Community Benefits:

  • safer skaters in the neighborhood

  • knowledge of the "do"'s and "don't"'s of skating

Q. What if a large percentage of students can't afford the fee?

A. In-line Skating 101 does not discriminate against socioeconomic status of schools. In-line Skating 101 has been in schools where as much as 95% of the students are on free lunch.   In-line Skating 101 offers scholarships - full or partial - to anyone who needs it. With this said, many of these students needing the scholarships will most likely never get the chance to experience in-line skating unless you expose them to this activity. 

Q. What about liability?

A. In-line Skating 101 carries general liability coverage in the event that defective equipment causes an accident. Of course, as with any field trip, the program releases the school district, administrators, and teachers, as well as In-line Skating 101.

Q. What benefits does the program offer?

Q. How many students can skate at a time?

More questions?

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